I am committed to offering the highest standards of professional service to all of my clients.  Full service agents take all the risk of selling your home. I spend the time and money to get it sold.  If it doesn’t sell, I don’t get paid.  I’m investing in the opportunity to assist you with your sale.  To accomplish this I rely on the following:

  1. Regardless of market conditions the bottom line has always been the same, pricing the home correctly.  I am confident in my knowledge of the neighborhood, comparables and MLS.  Utilizing this knowledge I’m able to build conviction in the value of a property.  This information is a critical component in assuring buyers they are investing in the right property, at the right price.
  2. I utilize a full range marketing plan and strive for maximum creativity.
  3. I have to be an expert on staging your home to sell. Your home needs to look spectacular to get top dollar, and I will make suggestions for implementation.
  4. I’m aggressive in pursuing the buyers for my listings. Networking with other agents, tapping into my resource of buyers, and follow-up with potential buyers.
  5. I know how to negotiate. It is critical to achieve enough common ground that all parties feel they got a fair deal. This has never been more important than in today’s competitive environment.
  6. Coordinating all the details during the transaction period is critical to make sure the deal closes. And when you hit a snag, the experienced agent knows how to handle it – and keeps progressing towards a successful closing.
  7. With a phone call to my Concierge, Cindy, the 101 details of your move are simplified including utility transfer.
  8. I’m available – I answer my own phone. When a buyer calls the phone number on my sign or any marketing materials I’m the one answering the phone. Having a full-time agent, on full alert means you won’t miss any opportunity to get your home sold.
Fact – 90% of the business is done by 10% of the agents. Consequently, 90% of the agents don’t have much experience selling homes. But the savvy seasoned agents bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, resulting in a smoother transaction because we know how to get the job done.

Buying or selling a home? Contact Lori Adrianse at 515-556-0515 or email Lori.Adrianse@cbdsm.com