The home-buying journey can be uncertain, full of twists and turns you don't see coming. Even if you're using a Veterans Affairs loan—and taking advantage of the unique benefits that come along with it—you could still run into some big roadblocks along the way.

That's why you need a savvy real estate agent to guide you. And while any agent technically can help with a VA purchase, an agent who’s particularly experienced with military buyers can help you better navigate the process. From pre-approval to closing, a military-friendly real estate agent will know what's on the path ahead, and remove any obstacles in your way so you can get the house of your dreams.

Read on for five good reasons to consider a real estate agent like me who specializes in working with VA buyers.

1. I understand the unique needs of veterans and service members

2. I am prepared for an accelerated buying or selling timeline

3. I can steer you toward a knowledgeable lender

4. I understand the VA appraisal process

5. I will ensure a condo or townhome is approved

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